Thomas For Industry understands the industrial digital transformation and we have the knowledge, the skills, the products and the resources to help all industrial companies from startups to established Fortune companies.  Whether you need more customers or the advanced tools necessary today in order to serve them best, Thomas For Industry is your best choice.

Thomas has three core areas of expertise, each is designed to help your company respond successfully to the needs of industrial buyers and purchase decision makers throughout the entire buying process. 

Thomas For Industry

At David Gural Inc., a Certified Thomas Partner (CTP) we use our experience and know-how to recommend marketing tactics to best align your company with top prospective new customers. We aim to get you discovered when your “future customers” are searching for the products you sell, whether they are searching on® or on the broad web.  Understanding the buyer’s journey enables us to recommend the best tactics to help you influence their future buying decision.

You will get more customers by influencing “in-market” buyers at every stage of the their journey. Today’s industrial buyers are as much as 70% of the way through their buying process before they contact a supplier. Thomas solutions are engineered to work together to put you in front of buyers throughout the entire process, from the early moments when the buyers first recognizes a need, right up to and through the sale. Read on to see how our products & services align with each stage of the buying process.

Thomas Solutions are engineered to work together through the buying process to keep your company and your solutions top-of-mind with buyers as they move through all stages of the buying process and towards a purchase decision.

Our Data Shows: Today’s Industrial Buying Process

Our research and experience show this is true whether buyers are:
  • Engineers, Procurement, MROs
  • Small, Mid-Sized, or Large Companies
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Oil & Gas, etc.