If you are an excellent sales person you may want to consider a career selling ThomasNet and the full suite of Thomas marketing solutions. Here’s why:

Our local sales force is made up of 17 independent contractors with an average tenure of over 10 years.  Operating as an independent is not for everyone.  You have to be talented, driven and self-motivated.  But if these are qualities that you process you will very likely earn more, enjoy a better life style and have greater security in a self-employed role than you would as a sales employee. 

Unlike most independent contractor positions, the opportunity in our office incudes a large book of existing clients, most who have done business with us for many years.  Our renewal rate is nearly 90% which enables me to pay new reps a generous draw when they get started and helps them to quickly build their business.

Facts to know when considering a career as a ThomasNet independent contractor:

Rep Churn- Don’t most managers of independents churn though reps?  Not here, our average rep tenure is over 10 years.

Income Level- A high income is in your control,  your talent, work ethic and your ability to make sales are the only variables that affect your income.  We have a simple and generous commission plan, a great suite of products and a nearly 90% renewal rate.

Job Security- As an independent your ability to make sales and grow your business is the only job security you need.  We have an apolitical business model where you alone control your future and  financial reward.

Build a business FAST-  Unlike most self-employed positions, you will start earning commissions in your first pay cycle.  Once hired we turn over a substantial book of existing clients.  Your job is to manage and grow your business. The more clients you add the larger your business and income grow.  We pay a high commission rate on renewals and new business so you can build your income quickly.

Draw vs. Salary- A draw is a loan against future commissions.  Because we provide a book of clients to you when you start, and because our renewal rate is predictable we can establish a starting draw to commence in your first month.  As you sell new business we can raise your draw.  Unlike a salary, a draw is recoverable, meaning you must offset your draw with commissions.  Skilled sales people however prefer a draw to salary since the tradeoff is the potential for far higher income.  Great sales people should earn what their talents and efforts permit and that is exactly what happens in our organization.

Healthcare Insurance- As an independent we cannot offer healthcare insurance.  Keep in mind that HCI is an expense of your business that can be easily offset when you to earn a higher income.  

David Gural, Inc.- We are the licensee for Thomas Industrial Network in E. PA, S. NJ, DE, MA, N.VA.  David Gural has been representing ThomasNet since 1980 and our firm is the largest and most successful of the ThomasNet independents.  Are aim is simple, hire the best sales people, support them in every way practical, and help them to become and stay successful and gratified.  We know our business succeeds only when our sales reps do.  Hear what our independent reps have to say: http://davidguralinc.com/thomasnet-sales-jobs-reviews/

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