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Mining the enormous business potential of the Internet is a proven method for finding great new customers.
BUT to do it right is a full time job that requires lots of talented & experienced people with a well-conceived plan.

ThomasNet’s RPM Group has the Talent & Know-How to Take On That Job and Deliver Results!

ThomasNet’s RPM Group has a unique differentiator: Your RPM team of industrial marketing experts has daily communication with our expansive staff of seasoned engineers. These engineers possess practical knowledge of your
products and services and how they are used. Your marketing strategies will be directed by our years of experience and ongoing research. The RPM Group’s diverse combination of talents enables us to interest and engage today’s
engineers and buyers so they become your next A+ customers.

  • In addition to your marketing specialist, your RPM team includes a technical copywriter, a web designer, SEO, SEM, email marketing, & social media specialists, with access to engineers from different fields.
  • We combine our marketing know-how, your product knowledge, and Hubspot’s world-class marketing automation platform to identify, attract, evaluate & nurture the kind of companies that you want to make your next great customers.
  • Weekly calls collaborating with your staff helps us stay focused on your business goals. Working together as a team ensures that accurate analysis of sales opportunities are followed by rapid deployment of well-conceived marketing strategies.

RPM & Marketing Automation can be the key to your business’ future growth. Companies implementing these strategies are jumping ahead of the competition. In less than a year, Manor Tool’s RPM program has yielded profitable new customers. Hear about the exciting results at: 

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