ThomasNet drives targeted customer traffic to our business

NSI (Neal Systems Inc.) originally starting working with ThomasNet years ago as we sensed that the transition from the old Thomas Registers (which we had quite a bit of success with!) had occurred completely.  While we noticed some additional traffic to our website through their page marketing, what really made them gold was when they started helping us actually redo our website.  What we asked them to do initially (our ideas) compared what they actually came back with was pretty amazing.  We’ve continued to work with them this past year continually driving our website ever forward, and our customers and suppliers have really taken notice.

This past month, I was at a meeting of the best representatives in the US for one of our suppliers, and one of the other very successful reps asked us who helped us put our website together.  When I told them the ThomasNet guys, another of the reps piped up, “I use them too!  They are the only way to go!  They made my site look amazing.”  So not only do they help drive target customer traffic to our business, they help us look amazing when the customers actually “arrive”.  And THAT is worth more than we can quantify.

Shane Filer- Sales Manager

Neal Systems