ThomasNet and Aerzen USA: 9 Years Of Results, Growth and Trying New Things.

I have found that there is no other Internet Marketing service that can drive the QUALITY of traffic, leads and contacts like ThomasNet. I’ve tried them all. We at Aerzen USA have built a solid internet program with Thomas over the past 9 years that continues to make a positive impact on our business. I work with Kit Noller on a regular basis to monitor progress and get involved with new programs, approaches and tactics. His insights and experience really make the difference. If he doesn’t have the answer on something or needs backup to solve an issue, the team at ThomasNet are quick to help and provide support. We have a very advanced ThomasNet setup with many programs such as E-commerce, CAD downloading, PR, and more. Kit and the entire ThomasNet organization make it smooth and easy to manage. ThomasNet continues to develop new programs and internet strategies that we utilize to stay on top of the internet curve.

Ralph Wilton

Marketing Manager
Aerzen USA