Thomas (ThomasNet, Thomas Net, Thomas Industrial) – Awesome Opportunity to help your clients.

My name is Rick Jefferson and I have had the good fortune to represent Thomas going on 25 years.
In my opinion, there is no one else in the industrial market place with the experience and resources to help our clients compete in this rapidly changing environment. Thomas has always been proactive in identifying the marketing needs of our clients and developing solutions that address those needs.
One of the challenges over the past 10 years has been keeping up with the changes. We have ongoing training from the experts that enable us to keep our clients informed and come up with the best strategies for growth.
Besides the support for Corporate, Our local office provides us with the day to day support we need from a full web design team to access to one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have had the privilege of working with, our own internet marketing guru, David Gural.
In summary, this has been a great gig. Its exciting eductaing my clients an knowing that I can help them grow their business with the many tools we have at our disposal.