Thomas Product Data Solutions

Looking for the best catalog solution for your engineered products and or components? With thousands of field-tested implementations, Thomas Navigator is the only catalog solution designed especially for industrial & engineered products.

Thomas Product Data Solutions

Here are the Top Five reasons why Thomas Navigator is your best choice:

  1. Advanced Searching- Thomas Navigator offers advanced search and intuitive attribute filtering, helping buying professionals find products by keyword, individual part numbers, performance characteristics, and detailed dimensions.
  2. Rich, Complete Product Detail-With Thomas Navigator, your company can deliver the rich, detailed product data that a new generation of engineers and sourcing professionals require, providing a best-in-class experience for your customers.  Thomas Navigator was designed to provide a look and feel that is familiar to engineers and intuitive for buyers. 
    •  A Thomas Navigator CAD Module- With Thomas Navigator users are able to download specs, drawings and CAD models in over 25 industry standard formats.  Your CAD models are generated instantly from your up to date data in the Navigator database.  Engineers can easily design-in and specify your products on their time schedule.
    • Thomas Navigator Shopping Cart– Add product pricing with volume discounts and estimated delivery pricing so customers can buy and make purchases 24/7/365.
    • Great SEO – Thomas Navigator for standard products offers superior SEO qualities built into each product page. 
  3. Data Sharing with Thomas Connect keeps your data fresh throughout your partner network– Share your catalog data with your distributors, reps or special customers using Thomas Connect to deliver your data to their website or to B2B eCommerce portals across the web. You control the data so your product info is always as up to date and complete on your parther’s websites as in your own catalog.   Learn how Thomas Connect can deliver a simply, elegant and cost effective method for sharing product data with your sales partners! 
  4. Advanced Product Configuration- Thomas Navigator Product Configurator enables you to expose your customers and prospects to the full range of your product line.   Your website visitors will select from your set attribute ranges to build the product designed to meet their needs.  Your product configurator will generate the part number and specification sheet so that your customer can specify and order your product.
  5. Easy on your Budget!  Thomas Navigator is a licensed technology with annual license starting at just $850. We offer attractive payment terms for implementation costs.
    • Save even more in the future because your Thomas Navigator Platform is maintained by Thomas For Industry.  A licensed solution means your technology platform will always be topnotch because the Thomas Navigator Platform is regularly updated to be sure it is meeting best practices for usability, design, safety and being adjusted to conform with changing SEO requirements.
    • Navigator Catalog Manager provides a simple to use interface to do your own catalog updating. 

Thomas Navigator technology platform will deliver more new customers, here’s how:
Today, your company is in danger of blindly forfeiting more new sales’ opportunities than ever before. What is to blame?  The data shows it’s your website and here’s why. Today 70% of the buying process has been completed before the first contact with a supplier is made. That is because the buying process has been exposed to the “digital transformation”. Your buyers have “digitally transformed” but has your website?  It is only natural that company officials on the buy-side, those charged with specifying and procurement,  to very quickly realize the efficiency gains, cost savings and the shift of control that the internet delivers.  However those on the sell-side have not been as fast to adjust. Whether your company is aligned with today’s buying process is a huge influence whether you are successfully landing new customers.  Seize a disproportionate sales advantage, your competitors loss is your gain. 

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Be a fly on the wall when a model new prospective customer during their buying process and ask yourself, “what does the buyer want?”  Asking, answering and addressing that question will lead you to a digital transformation and that will give you a significant sales advantage.  The advantage can be disproportionate to past sales scenarios where frequently price determined the sale.  This is not to suggest price is not important, but when you consider how much more likely are you to get a chance to quote when the buyer is able to very quickly determine your products are ideally suited for their requirement. In today’s environment where companies operate lean making it easy for buyers to do business with your company is half the battle.  Consider whether your website puts your products and company in the best possible light. Moreover does your website in anyway make it easy for a first time visitor to discover that you have the best product to fit their application. If not than you are losing out on new customers even when your website is found during search.  Thomas Navigator will enable a more rapid digital transformation and help your company to solve this problem.


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