NEW! Thomas Connect™ enables digital product data sharing between OEMs and sales channels

Thomas Connect is a licensed technology developed by Thomas Product Data Solutions that seamlessly connects OEM product information with their distributors.  Thomas Connectis amazingly effective combining simplicity, elegance and the low price that you expect from Thomas for Industry.

Thomas Connectis the ideal way for manufactures to support their distributors and to ensure that your product information is complete, accurate and in full compliance with your branding policy on all of your sales partners websites.  Using Catalog Navigator is not a condition for participating in Thomas Connect.  Manufacturers who are happy with their catalog solution can use Thomas Connect without Catalog Navigator to syndicate your data to your sales partners.   If you are a manufacturer and want to learn how to include your products into the Thomas Connect network of manufacturers contact us at the contact information below. Learn how Thomas Connect  helps OEMs

Thomas Connect™ is great for distributors as it solves the problem of collecting, organizing, maintaining and publishing product information from their multiple suppliers onto your website.  And when distributors use Thomas Connect your manufacturers’ product data sits on YOUR website so that you get search engine optimization benefit.  With minor setup on the distributor’s website Thomas Connect works seamlessly when combined with Thomas Catalog Navigator, but you can use Thomas Connect without Catalog Navigator.  TPDS has already implemented thousands of manufacturer catalogs which are ready for deployment from Thomas Connect.  If you are a distributor contact our sales office and let us know which manufactures you represent.  If their catalog is already in Thomas Connect we can contact them with you to start the process of contacting them and the implementing of your Thomas Connect solution. Learn how Thomas Connect  helps Distributors

Thomas Connect Pricing Guide

Want to learn more? Watch this 2 1/2 min Thomas Connect video demonstration to see Thomas Connect™ at work!  Please contact David Gural at (610) 519-1830 or [email protected]

Thomas Connect FAQ.

Q. What is Thomas Connect?

Thomas Connect is an easy way for OEMs to deliver their approved product data across their various sales channels. It enables them to create and maintain that data, publish it online, and syndicate it to their distributors and their profile. In doing so, Thomas Connect makes it easy for distributors to populate their websites with real-time, OEM-approved data.

Q.  How does my product data get into the Thomas Connect platform?

Thomas Connect features an easy, intuitive online interface for entering/creating your data; you can also batch upload your data via comma-delimited format.

Q.  What if my product data is not yet digitized?

If you don’t have the resources in house to convert the data in your product catalogs, spec sheets, Excel files, etc., and enter it into the Thomas Connect platform, Thomas can quote a price for converting and uploading all of that data for you.

Q.  I’m an OEM; do my distributors need to be in the Thomas Connect network?

Yes, your distributors must be a part of the Thomas Connect network to receive your syndicated product data. We make it easy for you to invite your distributors to join Thomas Connect.

Q.  I’m a distributor; do my OEMs need to be in the Thomas Connect network?

Yes, only OEMs that are part of the Thomas Connect network can send you their product data via our platform. We make it easy for you to invite your OEMs to join Thomas Connect.

Q.  How do I invite my OEM or distributor partners to join Thomas Connect?

Inviting someone to join Thomas Connect is similar to sending an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn. You can search for your existing partners from within Thomas Connect’s huge database of OEMs and distributors, or you can create a new business listing for them in our database. Once you’ve identified all of your target partners, one click sends them all an automated email invitation to join Thomas Connect.

Q.  How much does Thomas Connect cost?

Thomas Connect is free for your first connection with the partner OEM or distributor of your choice. Adding subsequent OEM or distributor partners triggers an annual $850 base license fee, plus a fee of $600 per every additional OEM or distributor you connect with (beyond your first free initial connection).  Distributors have a one time integration fee of no less than $1500. OEMs have a one time data production fee that is quoted.