The Thomas Network of Buyers and®

ThomasNet offers industrial marketers what they want most, a large high-value audience of in-market buyers.   

The goal of your ThomasNet program is simple- it’s to develop new customers! We do this by positioning your company as an industry leader while exposing your business to the Thomas audience throughout the buying process.  We nearly always recommend that you prioritize from the back-end of the buyers journey since when buyers are “in-market” evaluating and compiling a shortlist of suppliers from who they want to see a quote.

Phase 1. The top priority for most all of our clients is to get discovered by model new customers. The goal is to have top tier, premium placement in the ThomasNet categories which are most relevant to your product marketing and sales goals. Our goal is to align your company with the part of our audience most likely to become an important new customer.  Contact us and we will show you how to get your company positioned to be discovered where the ThomasNet audience is looking for the products/services you provide. Or Click here to receive an audience report for your products/services.

Thomas network end buying process

Phase 2. Move to the beginning of the buyers’ journey where engineers and procurement professionals are understanding their needs and researching which solutions are best for their requirements.  Thomas offers a host of different tactics which can expose your company to those buyers. Contact us and we’ll show you how to get your company in front of your future customers as they are researching and understanding what products or processes are the best solution for them.

Thomas network begining buying process

Phase 3. Understand what is driving your new customer acquisitions and what could be preventing even more.  WebTrax is a proprietary analytics tool which offers real-time intelligence and unique insights. WebTrax fuses quantitative and qualitative data to provide a “real-world” intelligence often missed by most other analytic tools.  Contact us and a Certified Thomas Partner will assist you in assessing your needs and demonstrate how Webtrax can help you determine your marketing ROI . Click here for a free WebTrax trial.


Connect with the new generation of buyers – The Thomas Network at® has been embraced by Millennials in industry. In fact, forty percent of our users are in that age group. They are purchase decision makers and other important buying influencers, and they are the fastest growing segment of our audience.


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