Thanks to ThomasNet, Tim and Mary we get qualified leads weekly

I would like to say my company has been with Thomas for 20 years and have had very good results , but since the team of Tim Camp & Mary Anderson have taken over our account 3 years ago the sales have sky rocketed for OPI. We are getting consistent traffic on our website and qualified leads weekly just by tweaking a few minor details. I would Like to thank ThomasNet and its staff for a job well done , it makes me feel very comfortable now with the dollars we spend with Thomas.

Joe Orlando
Orlando Products, Inc.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Outstanding Service Transformed Our Website

Thank you for the outstanding service you provide to Hi-Tech Fasteners. With your help, we have transformed our website into a much better marketing vehicle. We also can’t thank you enough for your assistance with our visibility on We are seeing more and more leads all the time.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year as we further expand our marketing efforts with ThomasNet. In the meantime, thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.
Mark Williams

Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc.


My Sincere Thanks

I am writing to express my thanks for the wonderful service you have provided United States
Antenna Products, LLC , and United States Tower Services, LTD.

You have been available for any questions that I have, and always reply promtly. I appreciated
the honest way you let me know about changing the type of web hosting for the USTS site
which resulted in saving money on the annual contract.

Through your additional effort you got me into an advertising program that was more effective,
and lower cost than Google Adworks. Our ThomasNet consultants’ efforts to create an ad page for the two companies made for a more effective presence on the site.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


James Martin
Director of Program Management and Production

ThomasNet and my reps Tim and Mary are great

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has been a customer of ThomasNet for a number of years. We have found Mary and Tim Camp to be great to work with as our representatives to ThomasNet. They have brought a level of honesty and customer support not experienced with previous reps, quite frankly they are the main reason we have remained a Thomas customer. The assistance and input they have shared has been very valuable to our company.

Their level of customer service and support is refreshing in today’s business world.

Dennis L. Black, President

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems

ThomasNet is a Big Help for my Small Business

With the demands of running a small business I do not have the time or expertise to devote to my website and social media.  One of the best decisions I have made over the past few years was to partner with Tim and Mary to address this need.  When we first started working together I had no idea how to set up a website or even what social media was.  They gave me as much time as was needed in the initial setup and they frequently meet with me to provide statistics and recommendations for our social media program.   I am in the manufacturing business and by far am not an expert in the web side of my business.  Tim and Mary fill this need and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them.

Craig S. Alexander – President

WichiTech Industries Inc.


ThomasNet Helps Us Reach Customers We Would Have Otherwise Never Reached

Our company had a unique marketing challenge because we were trying to sell a service on a non-exclusive basis to a wide range of industries.  We didn’t know who all our prospective customers were or how to reach them first.  Mary Anderson and Tim Camp perfectly understood our situation and suggested a new website that would drive customers to us.  Ilana Marcus was the project manager and developed a detailed project schedule and timeline.  The development of the new website was done in a very professional manner and all critical deadlines were met.  The new website was actually launched ahead of schedule.  It is generating many new sales leads from customers and industries that we would never have otherwise reached.  Mary Anderson has continued to stay in touch with us to support us as needed.

Jon Schmidt – Vice President

Fi-Tech, Inc.

Knowledgeable Representatives Educate Us About New Trends in Online Marketing

As representatives of ThomasNet, Mary and Tim Camp are very knowledgeable representatives of the products they market and of the ones we use for Social Media and Internet Marketing.  They do an excellent job to educate our team about new industry trends in social media, web site marketing and competitive products, so that we comprehend the information to make appropriate business decisions.  If issues arise, they jump on them right away and get back to us before the day’s end.  Mary and Tim make regularly scheduled visits to our company every other month to share information with us, but at the same time to become equally as knowledgeable about what we do as a company too.  We also are very happy with the level of service from ThomasNet in general.  ThomasNet helps us with writing blogs for our web site and Jordan Mart  performs a stellar job in that regard.

Kevin Dempsey – Sales Manager

New Process Fibre Company Inc.