ThomasNet delivering calls and RFQs daily!

Hi Mike,

I am very thankful for the day Mike Chettle called on us!

Let me start from the beginning.  We are a small company in a VERY competitive business against MUCH larger companies.  When I first met Mike, our business was in trouble.  Our 2 year-old website was bringing in almost zero business and hadn’t for over a year.  No calls.  No RFQ’s.  Nothing.

We were just getting started creating a new website when Mike first called us.   The problem was we didn’t really know what we were doing and had no idea how our site was going to compete with dozens of competitors with much larger and more established websites.  Mike offered to help if we would consider advertising in ThomasNet when the site was done, to which we agreed.

Well, long story short, Mike devised a brilliant strategy using ThomasNet and his own unique keyword optimization skills to get our website found so much that within 3 months of launching our site, we were busier than during Hurricane Sandy!  We were literally getting calls and RFQ’s every day.  And now, 9 months after going live, we’re in the process of adding another boiler!

Thank you so much Mike and ThomasNet.  Our business will always be indebted to you and forever grateful!

Joy Friese

Carey Boiler Works, LLC


Williamsport, PA  17701 

Phone:  1-800-727-7252   |   Fax:  570-327-1800

E-mail:  [email protected]

I would highly recommend anyone to use ThomasNet and Mike!!

Hi Mike,

A Big Thank You to Mike Chettle and ThomasNet!!

About a year ago I was unhappy with the amount of activity I was getting from my website.  My concern was that our business was becoming too competitive to get noticed any more.  But since I started working with Mike Chettle and ThomasNet, the number and quality of RFQ’s we’ve received has increased dramatically.

Mike really took the time to understand my business and what it would take to drive more and higher quality traffic to our website.  The combination of Mike’s expertise in optimizing our website and leads coming from our ThomasNet listings has made a huge difference to my business success in acquiring new customers.

I would highly recommend anyone to use ThomasNet and Mike’s services if you’re looking to generate more leads and sales for your company.  They’re top notch!

Thanks again for all of your help.

Bill Baehrle, President

BB Tees, Inc.

Mike Chettle &ThomasNet produce NEW CUSTOMERS!

A huge thank you!

We have been working with Mike Chettle and ThomasNet for a couple months and the difference has been enlightening.  Mike has proven to be truly skilled at web marketing, and that combined with our prominence on ThomasNet, has really succeeded in getting our company noticed in the markets we want and need.

Since Mike started this venture with us, RFQ’s generated from our website have gone from one a month to about 20 a month.  Just the other day I had three RFQ’s come to my email within an hour, that is truly fantastic!  Most importantly, they are solid leads and exactly what we are looking for.  We have already acquired three substantial new customers and couldn’t have done it without Mike and ThomasNet.  I would highly recommend Mike’s expertise to anyone who needs to get more new customers.


Thank you so much!


Alex Seyler,

Director of Sales and Marketing

Palcon LLC