We get a significant number of leads and orders every month

Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. has been an advertiser with Thomas (first Thomas Register and now ThomasNet) since 1990.
The reason we remain customers is twofold. First, the Thomas organization is well positioned on the Internet to provide us with high visibility and a significant number of leads and orders every month. Second, David Gural (our local representative) has always provided the highest quality service, advice and support imaginable. Over 24
years we have come to rely on his and his staff’s expertise, insights and judgments in designing and periodically modifying our website. Also, he has referred us to talented vendors (photographers, designers and videographers) for special advertising and promotional projects. Twenty-four years is a long time to maintain a close business relationship with a vendor, particularly marketing and advertising services vendor. The reason we have never change is very simple: David Gural and Thomas keep up to date and provide the highest level of attention and service in the industry. 24 years is a long time—that is 288 monthly checks paid to Thomas and David Gural. We pride ourselves on being a value-based company. We strive to provide the best value proposition in our industry and we expect our vendors and suppliers to do the same. Thomas and David Gural do not disappoint. That is the reason we continue to work with Thomas and David Gural.

George Milner, President