Knowledgeable Representatives Educate Us About New Trends in Online Marketing

As representatives of ThomasNet, Mary and Tim Camp are very knowledgeable representatives of the products they market and of the ones we use for Social Media and Internet Marketing.  They do an excellent job to educate our team about new industry trends in social media, web site marketing and competitive products, so that we comprehend the information to make appropriate business decisions.  If issues arise, they jump on them right away and get back to us before the day’s end.  Mary and Tim make regularly scheduled visits to our company every other month to share information with us, but at the same time to become equally as knowledgeable about what we do as a company too.  We also are very happy with the level of service from ThomasNet in general.  ThomasNet helps us with writing blogs for our web site and Jordan Mart  performs a stellar job in that regard.

Kevin Dempsey – Sales Manager

New Process Fibre Company Inc.