Thomas is our #1 salesman!!!!!

We have been a Thomas Customer for 20+ years.   Of the dozens of manufactures rep we deal with, Lisa GRIEGEL is by far the best.  She has given us guidance in developing many successful marketing programs. Through Lisa and Thomas we have established 100’s of accounts with one customer awarding us multiple million dollar contracts which alone paid for our advertising many times over.  Thomas is currently working on our new e-commerce enabled website which we think will deliver us even better results.  Thomas is our #1 salesman!!!!!

Tom Bowen

AB Industrial Pump

It doesn’t get any better

I am on my 11th year working as an Internet Marketing Sales Representative for ThomasNet and David Gural and I look forward to many more.  ThomasNet is the leading Internet marketing resource for industrial suppliers and working with us is very often the best sales decision our clients make.  David Gural is a true sales professional and a genuinely good person to learn from and work for.  It doesn’t get any better than working for David.

I first accepted the job because it was a rare opportunity to earn an income with no ceiling.  Hard work and dedication have proven that to be a reality every year.  Sales expectations are reasonable and David Gural is eager to help, but a motivation to do well will ensure success.  Flexibility to work from home with 50% desk time and 50% travel within a 2 hour radius makes this a good situation for professionals with families.


Kit Noller
Internet Marketing Specialist


ThomasNet Sales Job has been rewarding

I have been in sales and marketing for 20 years and I have spent the last 10 representing ThomasNet and working with David Gural. I sell ThomasNet because they have been and continue to be the most trusted resource in the industrial space for over 100 years. ThomasNet products and services are cutting edge and are always at the forefront of internet marketing technology. I work with David Gural because unlike most of the managers I’ve had in the past, David is a real salesperson with a proven track record. So, when I need support he always makes himself available, is willing to get into the trenches with me and his insight is always valuable because it comes from legitimate experience.

Brent Neff

A rewarding career with ThomasNet

I started working for Thomas back in 1984 so I look forward to my 30 year celebration!  I can honestly say that ThomasNet has never been a better place to work.  David Gural’s support in terms of leads, training and help as needed has assured my success.  And the best part is we have a sales team who works extremely well together.

As a sales manager for Thomas in previous years, one of the things new hires would tell me was that it was so nice to work in a place where everyone knew the company.  Our reputation for success in Industrial Publishing since 1898 gave them instant credibility.

Thomas has survived changes that many other publishers couldn’t.   I hear every day that Thomas is certainly no longer “just books”.  Today, we are one of the largest Industrial websites on-line, and for our customers, an invaluable resource for new leads, website development and digital marketing solutions.  What I value most in my job is a true partnership in helping my customers grow their businesses.

Lisa Y Griegel


Thomas (ThomasNet, Thomas Net, Thomas Industrial) – Awesome Opportunity to help your clients.

My name is Rick Jefferson and I have had the good fortune to represent Thomas going on 25 years.
In my opinion, there is no one else in the industrial market place with the experience and resources to help our clients compete in this rapidly changing environment. Thomas has always been proactive in identifying the marketing needs of our clients and developing solutions that address those needs.
One of the challenges over the past 10 years has been keeping up with the changes. We have ongoing training from the experts that enable us to keep our clients informed and come up with the best strategies for growth.
Besides the support for Corporate, Our local office provides us with the day to day support we need from a full web design team to access to one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have had the privilege of working with, our own internet marketing guru, David Gural.
In summary, this has been a great gig. Its exciting eductaing my clients an knowing that I can help them grow their business with the many tools we have at our disposal.

12 year tenure representing ThomasNet

My name is Eddie Goldstein. I have been a Sales Representative with David Gural in the ThomasNet MidAtlantic region for 12+ years. Prior to joining ThomasNet I had a number of other sales/marketing representative positions.  ThomasNet, by far, is the most outstanding organization I have ever worked with.  Throughout my tenure here ThomasNet (already a company with a track record of 100+ years) successfully transitioned from a print environment into a cutting edge technology company, while all the time maintaining it’s core purpose:  to be the most reliable, effective partner for all kinds of companies in the industrial/manufacturing space.  There is no other company that can come close to the level of commitment, expertise, and success, that ThomasNet provides for it’s clients.

The support and tools provided by provided by David Gural and his office, and the NY Based corporate office are unparalleled. You can expect a comprehensive process of training, support, and tools, not only in the beginning, but always.

This is not an easy job; you need to be committed to this company, to the work, and most importantly, your clients. My clients are hard working, successful business owners and marketers – great people who run or manage great businesses. They count on me, David’s office, and ThomasNet — to help them learn about and use digital technology to further their business objectives.  We wouldn’t dream of letting them down.

ThomasNet – Sales

I have had the pleasure of working with ThomasNet as an Internet Marketing Consultant for a year now. The support, tools, and training I receive from the Company and territory management are outstanding. Believing in what you sell is easy with ThomasNet, because works! The opportunity for personal development and the chance to help companies grow their business is extremely rewarding.

Thomasnet (Thomas Industrial Network) is a great company to work for

My Name is Dan Porter. I have been a Thomasnet Internet Sales Consultant for the past 12 years. Thomasnet is a great company to work for. They are the leader in industrial search using a poweful B2B marketplace ( to bring millions of buyers and sellers together. ThomasNet is on the cutting edge of social networking, branding, news distribution, web site design and tracking. I have over 120 clients that trust our services and enjoy real results from the programs. I work directly for David Gural (my Thomasnet Senior). He provides us with great tools, support and direction. We have everythig we need to be successful sales reps. I have a steady stream of solid leads and all of the tools needed to close new business.