Substantial Growth, Thanks to Eddie & ThomasNet

I am very happy to be working with ThomasNet in our second year.  We have seen substantial growth from internet finds over the past year.  We get an average of 1-2 calls per day that have found us from our new site.  Working with Eddie Goldstein, has been great.  She is very persistent.  It took us a few years to get the ball rolling, but when we finally did, we saw results immediately.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Eddie & Thomas in the coming years.

Ken Hoffman

Deluxe Packaging


Thanks to ThomasNet, Tim and Mary we get qualified leads weekly

I would like to say my company has been with Thomas for 20 years and have had very good results , but since the team of Tim Camp & Mary Anderson have taken over our account 3 years ago the sales have sky rocketed for OPI. We are getting consistent traffic on our website and qualified leads weekly just by tweaking a few minor details. I would Like to thank ThomasNet and its staff for a job well done , it makes me feel very comfortable now with the dollars we spend with Thomas.

Joe Orlando
Orlando Products, Inc.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Eddie Goldstein service has been great!

From working with and its representatives, I really felt like they actually “cared” about making sure we were happy with their services, which is sometimes rare to find today.  Our representative, Eddie Goldstein, routinely reached out to me along the way to help answer any questions and to make sure I was utilizing the site to its full potential.  They have a very comprehensive site that offers quality content and valuable data to a business and its backed by individuals that know what they’re doing and why they are doing it.  Everyone I’ve spoken to along the way has been helpful and pleasant and overall it’s been a positive experience for our company.

Eric O’Connor

Vice Present of Sales

Derco USA

Working with Chris Thomas is a pleasure & ThomasNet gives us good results

Hi Chris,

Hope this helps.

My experience with Chris Thomas and ThomasNet has always been a pleasure. We have been advertising with ThomasNet for 20+ years. They supply my business with a quality product and best return for my investment dollars. Chris has taken the time to understand the nature of my business and expectations. Chris has always tailored an advertising strategy that fits my budget while generating good results. My advertising dollars have been well spent.


Wayne Scott


Scott’s Emergency Lighting & Power Generation, Inc.

ThomasNet gives us an advertising presence that we couldn’t possibly get anywhere else

Our relationship with the Thomas Register and ThomasNet, like many manufacturers, dates back to the 1970s and to the iconic big green books.  We have also had the pleasure of working with Eddie Goldstein, our representative, for at least 10 years.

We have always made ThomasNet an invaluable part of our advertising budget.  As business gets more competitive in the internet age, we have found that ThomasNet gives us an advertising presence that we couldn’t possibly get anywhere else.  Their knowledgeable team of real professionals, beginning with Eddie, always keeps us focused on our important sales and marketing goals.

Paul Myers – President

Valley Forge Tape & Label Co., Inc.

ThomasNet Gives Us our Money’s Worth

After trying many marketing options Motson Graphics has spent over 90% of it’s advertising budget with ThomasNet for the last 10 years.  We feel we have gotten our money’s worth.

As a small manufacturer filling a very small and specific niche our ability to be found by internet search is critical.  ThomasNet has clearly done an outstanding job of ‘search engine optimization’ making sure their clients are the first ones found.  Whenever we receive calls from new customers we ask where they found us.  The answer is almost always “The Internet.”  A little more digging shows it is always through ThomasNet.

Randal Henderson


Motson Graphics, Inc.

Because of Eddie we regularly receive qualified sales inquiries and generate new customers

In the past, we only utilized the free listings on ThomasNet and this rarely generated new contacts.

Two years ago, we started working with Eddie and ThomasNet, to try to improve our ThomasNet & Internet exposure with great success.

Eddie is very knowledgeable about ThomasNet and offered constructive ideas for improving our business listings.  Last year, she suggested that we use ThomasNet Websolutions to revamp our website, and to improve our rankings on the net.

We now receive qualified sales inquiries on a regular basis, and have definitely generated new customers and increased our sales.

Brian Gordon- Engineering