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Do you know that most website traffic is useless noise?  You don’t invest in your website to get traffic, you do so to get customers.  To get new customers your company must be discovered when the buying shortlisting process begins. is the leading platform for supplier discovery because it reduces the time professional buyers and specifies need to spend identifying the right suppliers to shortlist.  Shouldn’t your company be at the top of the search results when buyers search for the products or services you sell?  Let one of our experienced consultants show you how to get your company properly ranked on ThomasNet so you get shortlisted by the companies that you want to become your next big customer!

Here’s Why Advertising on ThomasNet Delivers Sales Results!

  • ThomasNet directs industry’s most powerful buying audience to your company when they require the products & services you provide.
  • Over 68% of industrial buyers who come to make/influence purchases of
    over $50,000each year.
  • 32.5% of industrial buyers who come to make/influence purchases of
    more than $250,000 each year.

Source: ThomasNet Industrial Purchasing Barometer, June 2009 is the Internet’s leading destination site for connecting industrial buyers and sellers to do business with one another.

ThomasNet Supplier Outreach Program Arizona, Louisiana, Utah,Tennessee and central Pennsylvania

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