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Attract Design Engineers with your 3D CAD Models!

Get spec’d in with a proprietary network of over 27 million qualified buyers Thomas TraceParts Network

Maximize your CAD development investment and turn your 3D CAD models into high value leads with Thomas TraceParts.  Engineers love 3D CAD models!  CAD models save engineers time because they usually contain all of the information an engineer needs in order to know that a product their evaluating  fits their need.  Thomas TraceParts makes it easy for millions of engineers to find and specify your products!

3D CAD Model

Our data shows 89% of design engineers buy only from companies who supply CAD.  New contacts who download your CAD file are the highest quality opportunity here’s why:

  1. Once your product gets specified it has up to an 88% chance of being purchased.
  2. After your product makes its way into your customers supply chain there is a 94% chance that same product will be purchased again for future projects.
  3. If you want to attract new engineering contacts, offer them your highest value content.  3D CAD models convert visits to submissions at a rate of 2.5x greater than any other technical asset you can offer.
  4. The Thomas TraceParts audience is vast, over 27,000,000 engineers in 44 marketplaces.
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