90% of sales inquiries come from our ThomasNet built Website

ThomasNet helped develop our website with over 70,000 SKUs. The rich product
content works as part of an SEO strategy that now helps our company appear at
the top of search results pages, especially for the specific search terms that
industrial buyers typically use. We estimate that 90% of sales inquiries now
come through the website. ThomasNet also provides us avenues to grow our other
marketing initiates such as Social Media, email marketing, and publishing our 3D
CAD drawings.

Karen Norheim

Vice President, Marketing & Information Technology

American Crane and Equipment Corp


We have been a customer with Thomas Register (now ThomasNet) for over 20 years

We have been a customer with Thomas Register (now ThomasNet) for over 20 years. In that time, sales reps have come and gone, but none have been as thorough as Dan Porter (our rep for the past 12 years).  He brings so much to the table each time we meet with him. His knowledge of Thomas and the internet help us make good decisions regarding our advertising and our overall presence on the web. We feel that one of the reasons why we get such good coverage on the Internet is directly related to our adverting on the ThomasNet. For this reason alone, we feel our money is well spent with Thomas.

Joan Eberhardt, Chief Administrative Officer
Whitford Corporation

ThomasNet drives customers, prospects, and suppliers

ThomasNet drives customers, prospects, and suppliers to us through various markets and search terms. ThomasNet has helped us with our Search Engine Optimization as well.   On terms where we may not rank highly, ThomasNet is there to the rescue.  With our listing, we have the assurance that customers still can find us.

Jim Zawicki, Marketing Communications Manager

Sartomer Corp

Very Happy Working with ThomasNet for Ten Years

We’ve been working with ThomasNet and B2B Design & Development for well over 10 years and have been very happy with their performance and support.  We started with the Thomasnet directory and needed to expand our online presence.  Working with David Gural of B2B we developed a website several years ago, and most recently, incorporated a product catalog and audit program.  David and his staff have been very easy to work with; experienced, extremely knowledgeable and responsive. 

During development, we often needed guidance in accomplishing our vision. David’s knowledge of website design and development, SEO and online marketing were invaluable and up-to-date with the constantly evolving online marketing trends and techniques.  His ideas and spot-on suggestions have resulted in our professional and well-thought web presence, informative to our customer and users and with room to grow.  Both David and his staff are familiar with the needs and workings of corporations like ours, and responded intuitively to our ideas.  They took the initiative to work with our web content, formatting and organizing it to best achieve our goals.

The overall result has been exceptionally successful and productive, resulting in direct communication with both potential and existing customers, and useful online tools to ease our daily workload.

Jane Hampton- Marketing Specialist



ThomasNet Results are Impressive

We are entering our second year with ThomasNet used to market our hardware on-line business.  We found our results to be good in the first year and are looking forward to a much more effective program in year two.  We have increased the size of the program and also have had the years experience to measure results on a listing by listing basis to determine where our listing points are best used.

The most impressive thing about our experience is the quality and size of the companies and institutions coming to our site. We made a number of multiple-sale new customers this year and attribute a good portion to ThomasNet.

Gary Dow

American Outlet


We’ve been working with David Gural & ThomasNet for over 20 years

We have been working with David Gural & ThomasNet for over 20 years.  Initially, we  used the Thomas Register books, then expanded into the CatNav program and recently they created an entirely new website for us.  David has also created several print ads and brochures for us.  We have always been very pleased with the people, service & the quality of their products.  Just recently we launched our new website and are thrilled with it.  All the people involved in putting this site together were great to work with.  We are expecting a considerable increase in our ranking, sales and activity from our new site.  We definitely have developed a trust level with David and the people with whom he connects us.

Thanks for all of your help.  We are really excite about our new website and the increased activity we are hoping it generates for us !

Helen Yost,  President

The Rowland Company

Phila, PA


The Thomasnet program has really helped our company (Dyer Gage)

The Thomasnet program has really helped our company stay current with our web presence.  With normal business pulling us in every direction, it would be impossible for us to maintain a strong web position on our own.  I enjoy meeting with Dan once a year to discuss the various options that Thomasnet has to offer.  I view him as a strategic business partner since he keeps us informed on all the new trends and programs that influence the internet.  Thomasnet has helped put us in a position to succeed.  We know that we are a top-notch company… ..now the world knows too.

Michael Scott

Dyer Gage Company

It doesn’t get any better

I am on my 11th year working as an Internet Marketing Sales Representative for ThomasNet and David Gural and I look forward to many more.  ThomasNet is the leading Internet marketing resource for industrial suppliers and working with us is very often the best sales decision our clients make.  David Gural is a true sales professional and a genuinely good person to learn from and work for.  It doesn’t get any better than working for David.

I first accepted the job because it was a rare opportunity to earn an income with no ceiling.  Hard work and dedication have proven that to be a reality every year.  Sales expectations are reasonable and David Gural is eager to help, but a motivation to do well will ensure success.  Flexibility to work from home with 50% desk time and 50% travel within a 2 hour radius makes this a good situation for professionals with families.


Kit Noller
Internet Marketing Specialist


Gural and Thomas are trusted source for generations

As a 94 year old family company we have been with Thomas a long time and I have worked with David Gural for over 20 years.  Running a company I get caught up in the day to day, and David & ThomaNet have always been able to suggest and direct our company to current marketing strategies that keep us relevant and in front of our market space, which has become more and more difficult with today’s technologies.  I’ve used other vendors and found that David knows the industrial space like no one else. I always come back to him for advice and planning.




Adam Steel, President

Swiss Jewel Company